Canaan Smith: The Text Interview

Canaan Smith is prepping for his sophomore release following the success of his Bronco debut, and he’s looking full speed ahead at the next chapter.

Giving fans a taste of what to expect on his anticipated album with the single, “Like You That Way,” Smith proves his confidence will remain steady throughout his second album. Using inspiration from a number of outlets from his relationship with his wife to the crazy life changes following his first project, Smith infused his laidback personality as well as his authentic perspective into each track.

With attention toward the album brewing up in due time, Smith took some time out of his day to chat with us about his next career chapter. But there’s a twist: the country singer sent all of his messages over text, showing a more personal side to him than just the average question and answer format. Getting even closer to the star allowed for Smith to open up fully about what to expect regarding his new music and his favorite things outside of music.

From admitting he loves to jam out to a little bit of Kendrick Lamar to revealing just why he namedropped Miranda Lambert into his single, Smith let Sounds Like Nashville into his life for a bit via text. Check out all he had to say about his new music and more below:

Canaan1 Canaan2 Canaan3 Canaan4 Canaan5 Canaan6

“Like You That Way” is available for purchase now.

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