Carly Pearce Gets Emotional While Celebrating at Her First No. 1 Party

Carly Pearce spent years and years working her way up to earning a hit single, and made her dream into reality with "Every Little Thing."

Written by Kelly Brickey
Carly Pearce Gets Emotional While Celebrating at Her First No. 1 Party
Pictured (L-R): busbee (BMI), Carly Pearce (ASCAP), Emily Shackleton (BMI); Photo Credit: Ed Rode

After more than a decade of dedication to her musical craft, all of Carly Pearce’s hard work finally paid off when she notched the No. 1 spot on the radio countdown with “Every Little Thing.”

The heart-wrenching ballad broke through the country mold to make Pearce stand out above the crowd, and the singer made history by becoming one of three female artists to earn such an accolade with a debut single in the past 12 years. Thinking back through her journey as an artist, Pearce used to only imagine of getting to that top position and now the dream has become a reality.

Carly Pearce

Emily Shackleton (BMI), Carly Pearce (ASCAP) and bubsee (BMI) perform “Every Little Thing”; Photo Credit: Ed Rode

“I’ve been to so many number one parties over the last nine years and always thought, ‘What would mine be like?’ ‘What would it be for?’ And for it to be my first No. 1 party with my first single that tells this story that I lived and it’s this particular song that if you really think about a heartbreak ballad in the middle of the summer, from a new female artist, sounds like career suicide. It’s so special. I don’t think that there would be any other song that would have as much meaning to me. Just, through and through, this song is me as an artist in every single capacity and tells a story that I feel so deeply, it’s part of my story,” Pearce told Sounds Like Nashville and other media at the event.

Pearce’s circle of friends and family surrounded the room when she accepted the various plaques and medals in honor of her accomplishment. While speaking about the efforts put in by her parents, record label team and fellow songwriters, the singer shed a tear or two thanking them for allowing her to shine without any doubt in their minds.

Carly Pearce; Photo by: Andrew Wendowski/Sounds Like Nashville

It’s been quite the year for Pearce, from locking in that No. 1 spot on the charts to booking a handful of tours in 2018 and getting nominated in the New Female Vocalist of the Year category at the upcoming 53rd Annual ACM Awards.

Currently, Pearce is hoping for another smash record with “Hide the Wine” climbing the charts day by day.