Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisher Transform Into Bedtime Superheroes

Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisher proved what we knew to be true all along: parents are the real superheroes.

Uniting forces together to defeat the all-too-evil enemy kids call ‘bedtime,’ Underwood and Fisher suited up in their bold uniforms to get their son, Isaiah, to go to sleep. While their nemesis may have given them a run for their money, the country couple faced the nighttime routine bravely by getting their little boy to join in on their fun in hopes he would be snoozing soon enough.

“Just a typical Thursday night at the Fisher house…featuring Catboy, Gekko and Owlette! It’s time to be a hero! #PJMasks,” Underwood wrote with the costumed collection of photos from their night in.

Combatting sleepy time with the help of daring masks and waving capes, the Fisher household definitely bonded over their love of the superhuman activities that helped Isaiah fall asleep in due time.

Fisher now has more free time to fight crimes like staying up too late after announcing his retirement from professional hockey. The former Nashville Predators captain decided to step away from the sport he loved after 17 years spent skating in the NHL.

Joining Fisher for the moment, Underwood has also been relaxing after releasing her album, Storyteller, in 2015 and following the record up with a massive world tour. Though she may get to spend her nights with her two favorite boys, she still is raking in the success after reaching the No. 1 spot with pal Keith Urban for their duet, “The Fighter.”

At this time, Underwood will remain to lay low (and stick to her home heroic duties) before returning back to work as the co-host of the 51st Annual CMA Awards with Brad Paisley. The CMA Awards will be held in Nashville and aired live on ABC on November 8.