Carrie Underwood to Introduce ‘The Champion’ During Super Bowl LII

As the reigning queen of Sunday Night Football, Carrie Underwood set her eyes on the prize of earning the title as MVP of the season with the release of a new song coming for Super Bowl LII.

The singer took over the role as the Sunday Night Football woman from fellow country star Faith Hill, and created her own stamp on the position by changing the opening sequence to a similar version of her 2014 duet with Miranda Lambert. Dubbed “Oh, Sunday Night,” rather than “Somethin’ Bad,” Underwood fires up the at-home audiences with her passionate vocals over the rowdy-inspired track.

With her NFL status in mind, she and executive producer of “Sunday Night Football” Fred Gaudelli, thought it would amp football fanatics up even more to debut a new song from Underwood during the sport’s biggest game of the season. Titled “The Champion,” Gaudelli expects the jam to become an iconic sports anthem and predicts its success to rule over all highlight reels from there on out.

“I think it’s going to become a sports anthem,” he said as quoted by Variety. “It’s going to be one of those songs that you see cut to highlights for the next 25 years.”

Underwood even received the Mike Fisher stamp of approval as one of the lucky listeners who got a sneak peek preview of “The Champion” months in advance.

“My husband loved it,” Underwood admitted. “He would listen to it before playoff games. He was like ‘I want everyone to hear it!’ and I had to tell him, ‘You can’t do that. You can’t play it in the locker room. I’m sorry.’ But that was a good indicator that we were on the right track.”

The last time Underwood released music was when she put out her wildly successful Storyteller album in October of 2015. She garnered success with massive hits like “Smoke Break,” “Dirty Laundry,” “Heartbeat” and “Church Bells.”

Super Bowl LII and Underwood’s new song will air on Sunday, February 4, 2018.