Seven Times Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisher Defined Couple Goals

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If anyone’s being honest, Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisher rule as the queen and king of Nashville as romantic royalty.

With Underwood taking home the crown for the country music royalty and Fisher dominating the Smashville ice as captain of the Nashville Predators, these two make the town proud of what Music City has to offer. Combining their love for music and sports as well as each other into one power couple move, they define what it means to be relationship goals.

The pair are celebrating their seventh wedding anniversary with one another on July 10, and they’ve never looked more in love than over the past year of their marriage. From Underwood rooting for her man in gold and navy all the way to the Stanley Cup Final to Fisher standing by his lovely wife’s side at many red carpets, they support each other through the best and worst of times.

In honor of their seventh year of heaven with one another, Sounds Like Nashville compiled their seven sweetest moments with one another over the course of their relationship for the past year. Get ready to have your heart burst over the passion these two share because it’s enough to make even a grown man shed a happy tear or two.

Check out Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisher’s best memories throughout the past year together:

  1. Who knew horseback riding could be so romantic?

Hard to beat horseback riding in this beautiful scenery with this beautiful scenery:)

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Saddle up for a good time in the great outdoors because Underwood and Fisher do dates right as they take to the trails for this cute snapshot. As the country singer calls herself an animal lover and Fisher’s adventurous spirit, the two could trot off into the sunset together and make the perfect real-life movie ending.

  1. The family that cheers together stays together.

Very blessed to have these 2 strong, beautiful and Godly Moms in my life! #happymothersday

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Family comes first for this country couple. Although they both tie down some busy schedules, they always make time for their son, Isaiah, and other family members whenever they can. Knowing they have a good support system on the sidelines boosts up their morale even greater in their work and personal lives.

  1. Standing up for a good cause and for each other.

Join @mfisher1212 and me and help shine a light on modern day slavery #EndItMovement @enditmovement

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It’s not always about the love they have for one another—Underwood and Fisher give back to the community however they can and do it as a united front. It’s hard to beat finding someone that’ll lend a helping hand to those in need out of the kindness of their big hearts, and these two make it one of their relationship priorities.

  1. Whether they get glam or keep it simple, these two look gorgeous.

Is it hot in here, or is it just this absolute stunning couple? While they don’t need to spruce up in order to look good, these two have ‘fine’ written all over them and definitely take the prize for hottest couple ever.

  1. Nothing beats a sunset seaside supper…

Beaches and sunsets make everything all the more romantic. Celebrating with a cheers toward another year together down in the books, their love for one another is deeper than the ocean they looked out upon in this photo.

  1. Give me your sweetest kissy face!

This guy… #duckface #lame #vacation

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Underwood and Fisher are pouting for all the right reasons! The most successful married couples are the ones that can make silly jokes with one another while still remaining devoted to one another. We’re loving these hilarious duck faces, especially knowing the two laughed about the shared moment for days to come.

  1. Ringing the New Year in for good luck!


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If superstition proves to be right, sharing a kiss when the clock strikes midnight on New Year’s Eve gives a good aura into the next year. When the ball drops, make that foot pop for the ultimate party peck between Underwood and Fisher.