Carrie Underwood Says Son Isaiah is a ‘Bit of a Ham’

There’s nothing in the world that compares to the great joy of becoming a parent. As a mom to two-year-old son Isaiah, Carrie Underwood spends her days laughing and soaking up every minute with her happy toddler.

While some people may look upon the so-called ‘terrible twos’ with dread, Underwood reveals that she keeps calm and stays relaxed as a parent to her child. Watching Isaiah grow into his true personality remains something that Underwood loves to be a part of, as she admits he makes her smile with the silly things he does around the house.

“Isaiah makes me laugh every day. It’s so fun to just see his kind of personality develop and I think he’s going to be a funny guy. He is a bit of a ham, and he knows it. He knows when he’s being funny. And I’ll start laughing at something, and he’ll keep doing it,” she told People Magazine in a recent video interview.

Although he may just be a mere two years old, Isaiah always found his taste in his mom’s music catalogue. Underwood noted that he loves “Heartbeat,” and also finds the repetition of “Dirty Laundry” amusing to follow along with.

At the end of the day though, Underwood just wishes the best life for Isaiah and hopes he looks back with happiness about his childhood and how he was raised.

“We’re ready to support him in whatever it is that he wants to do and be and whoever he wants to become, but I just want him to be happy,” said Underwood. “I want him to say, ‘I had good parents, I had a good childhood.’ And I just want him to do good things in the world.”

Underwood is currently taking a well-deserved break from the madness of touring and making music to spend time with her baby boy and her husband, Mike Fisher.