Chris Janson Parties with Luke Bryan and Dustin Lynch in ‘Fix a Drink’ Video

Chris Janson kicked off the summertime with the party of the season out in the sticks in the music video for his latest single, “Fix a Drink.”

While many of Janson’s closest friends and family found their names on the guest list, it was cameos by his country music colleagues that really got the party started. Luke Bryan, Dustin LynchMichael Ray and several other country stars all stopped by to rally out in the boondocks where the liquor keeps flowing and four-wheeling is the only way to get around.

The video meant even more to Janson than most though thanks to his naturist setting. Throwing the rowdy shindig out in the pines at his own cabin, the country singer wanted to make the good times special by adding the personal touch of hosting it at his own country crib.

“Filming it at my cabin was very sentimental for me because first of all it was the first music video we shot there. Had I had that cabin for the whole entire video we would have definitely shot some of it there, but I just didn’t own it at the time. I bought the cabin years ago as my bachelor pad [before] we got married. It was the first property I ever bought as a human being. And I had to sell it when we got married just to kind of start a family. We were able to buy it back nine years later which was a pretty miraculous story, and was kind of life changing for us. So we’re being able to make memories now with our kids. All four of our kids out there at a place where Kelly and I fell in love really on the front porch. The swing is still there. And we just shot the music video for the new single ‘Fix A Drink’ there, and most people hire a ton of extras and the extras stay over here and the real people that are actual friends stay over here on this side of the property,” Janson told Sounds Like Nashville and other media at a recent event.

Janson also wanted to keep things within his inner circle by inviting his buddies to be the co-stars throughout the filming process, in which his country crew stepped up to the plate to get a little rambunctious while doing what they know best: shooting guns, driving Jeeps and getting their groove on.

“Everyone that I asked to be in the video who was a celebrity showed up, and they showed up for as long as… I mean, they were just there, they were there to hang, it wasn’t a touch and go, let’s take a picture thanks, can I be done now. Dude, it was awesome… I mean the comradery was amazing,” explained Janson.

“Fix a Drink” is the first single to be released from Janson’s forthcoming project.