Chris Janson Praises Sam Hunt’s Humble Road to Success

While their musical sounds stretch to both sides of the country music spectrum, Chris Janson has nothing but major love for his tourmate Sam Hunt.

Both artists in the genre established their presence in revolutionary manners, with Hunt throwing some hip-hop flavor onto his songwriting verses and Janson mastering the traditional twang his fans know and love. Nevertheless, they both respect each other’s approach to the diverse genre and hope their versatile sets on the 15 in a 30 Tour get fans out of their seats.

As Janson and Hunt have been friends in the Nashville community since before they both hit it big, the “Fix a Drink” singer admires Hunt’s humility after a time where he skyrocketed to the top with his debut release. Noting pieces of his own personality within Hunt, Janson only wishes the best for what’s next to come.

“He has one of those rare things that people don’t get but just every now and again, which is a pretty remarkable deal I would say. I’ve always been a fan of Sam’s songwriting. I’m just going to be honest with you … And Sam knows this … I just knew Sam as a songwriter for years, you know, and he just had wild successes as an artist, and it just kind of blew up out of nowhere, which was awesome. I just think he’s such a humble, cool dude. He reminds me a lot of myself, and the fact that we walk the same kind of path, and now he just got married, so we have a lot more in common. It’ll be interesting to see when he has kids it’ll really be a fun thing,” Janson explained to Sounds Like Nashville and other media.

Fans can catch Janson on Hunt’s 15 in a 30 Tour through the fall. Janson is currently promoting his recently released tune, “Fix a Drink,” which will be featured on his upcoming album, Everybody.