Chris Pratt Does His Best Chris Stapleton Imitation During Interview

Everyone knows Chris Pratt for roles like Andy Dwyer in Parks and Recreation or Peter Quill in the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise, but he also can pull out a mean Chris Stapleton impersonation.

During a recent interview promoting the sequel of Guardians of the Galaxy, host Peter Travers inquired what music Pratt listens to in his spare time. Admitting that he’s become quite the country fan, it’s Stapleton that stole his heart recently and he can’t get enough of his soothing voice.

Pratt then pretended to put on a show of his own by strumming an imaginary electric guitar and slinging out some of the soulful lyrics known to Stapleton fans. Although he struggled to get through the slow patterns on the song in his impromptu rendition of “Tennessee Whiskey,” Pratt still looked as though he channeled the same feelings that Stapleton drives home in his catalogue by jamming along to the makeshift riffs.

The actor also said he occasionally plays a little bit of Eric Church as well, but mostly sent praises up Stapleton’s alley for his raw vocals.

Fans may wonder if Pratt picked up a copy of Stapleton’s latest release, From A Room: Volume 1, which came out this May. Featuring new originals and classic covers, the album still captures the authentic vibes that Stapleton fans know and love from the musician.

From A Room: Volume 1 is available now.