Chris Pratt Shares Excitement Over Personalized Chris Stapleton ‘From A Room’ Mixtape

Chris Pratt is slowly but surely becoming country music’s biggest fan, especially now that he and Chris Stapleton are onto a bromance like no other.

The Guardians of the Galaxy actor recently went on the record about his love for Stapleton’s sound. Giving his best impression of the country crooner, Pratt definitely made it clear that his love of traditional country music was developing into a full blown passion for Stapleton himself. Through soundbites and interviews, Stapleton must have gotten word of Pratt’s admiration and sent him off a personal package.

Without even meeting before, Pratt was surprised when he received his own customized cassette tape of Stapleton’s latest project, From A Room: Volume 1. The actor showed his gratitude over the kind gesture through a polite Instagram post to Stapleton, thanking him for the thoughtful present.

#chrisstapleton sent me my very own customized TAPE of his new album!!! #fromaroomvolume1 Totally unsolicited. Never met him. He musta heard what a big fan I am. If you haven’t heard his music do so if you please. And go see #guardiansofthegalaxy 2 in theatres,” Pratt wrote over his new gift.

Not only has Pratt mentioned his respect toward Stapleton during press junkets, he even mustered up his own quirky impersonation of the country singer during a recent interview. Although Pratt’s singing voice doesn’t measure up quite to Stapleton’s level, it shows his appreciation for the singer nonetheless.

Chris Stapleton’s From A Room: Volume 1 is available everywhere now.