Chris Stapleton, Jimmy Fallon and Kevin Bacon Channel ZZ Top in Hilarious ‘Tonight Show’ Skit

Chris Stapleton has been making the media rounds in support of his new album From A Room: Volume 1. While he’s spent much of the time performing songs from the new project, the singer stepped out of his own shoes and that into ZZ Top’s during a hilarious bit on The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon.

The crooner took center stage with Jimmy Fallon and actor Kevin Bacon as all three dressed like the iconic band for something they called “First Draft of Rock.” The song chosen was the hit “Legs,” and the three sang what couldn’t been the original lyrics to the catchy tune.

“She’s got hands She knows how to wave them / She’s got eyebrows / She knows how to raise them / She’s got nostrils / She knows how to flare them / She’s got a butt cheek / She’s actually got a pair of them,” Stapleton croons in the second verse.

This isn’t the first time Stapleton’s played a part in a hilarious bit on late night television. In February 2016, the powerhouse vocalist spent time at Jimmy Kimmel Live recording a parody album, Chris Stapleton: Cringeworthy. The project was full of “the most irritating words in the English language,” like “panties,” “ladyfriend,” and the breakout hit, “Moist & Juicy.”

Check out Stapleton, Fallon and Bacon as ZZ Top in the video above. Stapleton’s new album From A Room: Volume 1 is available now.