Chris Young to Feature ‘Wide Variety of Sounds’ on New Album

Country fans have been loving Chris Young’s sensual new single “Losing Sleep.” Right after hitting the No. 1 spot with his Vince Gill collaboration, “Sober Saturday Night,” Young released the track, and it has been climbing up the country charts ever since. While that is exciting news, what is even more exciting is that Young said his upcoming album is “pretty much done.”

“What me and Corey [Crowder] did in the studio is a little bit different from the last project but there’s a wide variety of sounds and songs on this record,” shared Young. “There’s summer things that’s kind of a play off of an R&B Groove but it’s got a lot of steel guitar and a lot of electric that play back and forth on a call and response thing. There’s a really big piano ballad that’s one of my favorite things that I got to sing on the record”

“Losing Sleep,” written by Young, Josh Hoge and Chris DeStefano, is the first single from the project, and while the chorus of the song is true to Young’s typical sound, the guitar riffs in the verses show a different side to the singer.

“I don’t know if everything sounds exactly like ‘Losing Sleep’ but we liked that it was a little bit different, that’s why we picked it as the first single,” said the Tennessee native.

Young announced the release of the single last month via a Facebook Live session where he expressed high hopes for his fans’ reaction to his new music. Even though the rest of the album will be different than what we have heard so far, Young assures that there will be a variety of different sounds and angles within the collection of tracks.

While fans are busy ‘losing sleep’ awaiting the new album, they can catch Chris Young live on the They Don’t Know Tour with Jason Aldean this summer.

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