Cole Swindell’s Forthcoming Album Will Include a Mix of Fun and Emotional Songs

Though Cole Swindell has mastered the craft of writing a hit party song, fans looking forward to his upcoming album can expect his rowdy side to be mixed in with tracks that showcase his vulnerability.

The currently untitled project serves as Swindell’s third studio album, following the gold-certified You Should Be Here that’s home to three chart-topping singles. “I remember when I finished You Should Be Here just how I couldn’t even imagine ever making another album. I was just like ‘this is as good as I can do,’” Swindell recalls to Sounds Like Nashville and other media. The fast-rising star reveals that his third project will be a blend of fun-loving songs and moving numbers like the emotional “You Should Be Here.”

“There’s songs that are going to mean a lot to people on here I think, a lot to me. I just think it’s a good mixture, songs I wrote that I believe in and then songs that I wish I would’ve written,” he explains. “I’ve got songs on there that I’ve written that I love, but there’s some also that I didn’t that I’m honored to even have a chance to record. Some of them…they’re just going to rip your heart out. I think it’s got a good mix.”

Swindell admits he’s grown as an artist throughout his career that’s seen him become one of the genre’s most celebrated burgeoning acts. Along the way though, he’s learned that not every song has to be a light-hearted hit and feels more comfortable getting in touch with the emotional side of his being and artistry.

“Everybody knows I like to have fun, but I’ve learned that it’s alright to show the other side too and I think that’s what’s awesome about country music,” he says. “I love some of the fun ones as a kid, but it was some of the songs that I listened to through hard times that really made me fall in love with country music, so I think knowing that it’s ok to be both and sing about both. They’re both real life.”

Swindell heads out on his headlining Reason to Drink Tour in 2018 with Chris Janson and Lauren Alaina, crossing the U.S. on a multitude of dates from February through April.