Connie Britton Dishes on Her Future with ‘Nashville’

It’s official: Connie Britton is sticking with her guns and staying on board to continue her role as country queen Rayna James on the drama television show, Nashville.

After the series received a surprise cancellation from ABC, the Nashies pushed hard to find the show a new home and CMT gave it a place within their network. With the season five premiere episode airing soon, Britton dropped by The Ellen DeGeneres Show to discuss where she stood within the lengths of her time left. Rather than holding out on the anxious response fans have been waiting for, she revealed she plans to hold tight to the role for as long as the show runs on.

“I’m in it. I’m in. I’m in for the duration and we’re about to start a new season. And it’s an exciting new season because we have new showrunners, so we have new writers and the stories, I think, are going to be really…it’s gonna get us back to what Nashville is about,” she told the popular daytime talk show host.

Although Britton’s résumé is filled with important roles, she admits that Rayna proves to be quite the challenge because of one aspect: the singing.

“The thing that was exciting about this for me was the singing because as an actor, I wanted to do something that really scared the heck out of me,” she explained. “So I said I wanna sing, that would be a really incredible thing to do as an actor.”

CMT will air the two-hour premiere of season five of Nashville on Thursday, January 5, at 9 p.m. ET.