Connie Britton May Exit ‘Nashville’, CMT Premiere Date Confirmed

As excitement builds for the new season of Nashville, reports are showing that one of the show’s leading ladies may be exiting the show.

Entertainment Weekly is reporting that Connie Britton, who stars as Rayna James, may be looking to exit the show when season five returns. Reportedly, the actress has only signed up for 10 episodes of the new season, while the new season has a full 22 episodes ordered from CMT and Hulu.

TV Guide had previously revealed that in the upcoming season, Rayna would cross paths with an app developer who wants to introduce her music to a new generation, but that he has “has other, more nefarious plans for her.”

While the fate of Rayna James is still up in the air, the show will definitely return on January 5 to CMT. Already confirmed to return will be Charles EstenLennon & Maisy Stella, Chris Carmack, Sam PalladioJonathan Jackson and Clare Bowen. Aubrey Peeples and Will Chase will exit the show, with Chase appearing as a series regular in the new ABC show, Time After Time.