Country Stars Answer Questions From Country Music Haters

Let’s be real: people who hate on country music just don’t understand.

A number of country stars sat down to take on the hard-hitting questions that self-proclaimed country music haters sent in to reveal the truth about the genre. Facing the stereotypical responses that come with the territory of the twang, the group worked their spirit up about the genre and got down to business with great dignity and comedy.

After being asked if they were all raised on farms and if there was one specific dirt road they all base their songs off of, the artists couldn’t help but crack up over how much people really don’t know about country music. But what really got the singers’ attention was when someone assumed all songs were about “tractors, beers, boots and kicking up the hay.” Thankfully, most of them laughed it off.

“I’m sure I’m wrong, but I’ve never heard the expression, ‘kicking up the hay,’” Brett Young said seriously.

Dierks Bentley agreed with the predicament, admitting “there’s a lot of songs about tractors, boots, beers and kicking up the hay,” but that there’s a lot more depth to country music at the end of the day.

When it came to the mentioning of dogs way more times than cats in songs, Phil Vassar explained the reasoning behind such a choice in pets.

“You don’t think of a cat being loyal and wonderful. Dogs are very loyal creatures,” he said.

In the end though, they all revealed their reasonings for supporting country music through and through as musicians and fans of the genre themselves.

“If you like lyrics about real people and real situations, maybe you should listen to it,” Trace Adkins proposed in the clip.

Check out what else the country stars had to say to defend the music they know and love day after day in the video above.