Craig Morgan to Receive the Army’s Outstanding Civilian Service Medal

Craig Morgan is set to receive the Army’s Outstanding Civilian Service Medal on June 23 for his dedication to performing for troops and their families all around the world. The Outstanding Civilian Service Medal is one of the highest awards that a civilian can be awarded by the Department of the Army.

Morgan just recently returned home after completing his 10th USO tour in which he performed for U.S military members stationed in Tokyo, Afghanistan, Kuwait, Iraq and Spain. The tour also made a stop on the Korean Peninsula where Morgan was once stationed during the time that he served in the Army. Morgan served in the Army for almost two decades. Morgan has done 15 overseas tours for the troops total and has performed for more than 37,000 service members and their families.

Morgan will receive the award at the Greater Los Angeles Chapter of the Association of the United States Army’s annual Army Ball. The Ball will celebrate the 243rd anniversary of the Army this year and is one of Southern California’s largest public events that honors local soldiers for their service.

Fans can see Craig Morgan out on the road all summer long. Tour dates and more information is available on his official website.

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