Dan + Shay Partner with Petco to Promote Puppy Safety on the Road

It's our dad's birthday!! Happy birthday dad, we miss you!!!

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While Dan + Shay plan on one of the biggest summers of touring in their career yet, they also have to think ahead regarding their pets and the traveling they’ll be doing with their country music doggy dads.

As proud pet parents, both Dan + Shay understand how important it is to keep their pups safe as they move from city to city overnight. Teaming up with Petco to promote products and tips that help out families driving with their furry friends in tow, the country duo educated themselves in the most efficient and non-dangerous ways to make sure their puppy pals make it for the long haul from one venue to the next.

“Pet safety is a huge thing for us. Obviously, our pets and animals are a huge part of our family. This summer coming up, we’ll be road-tripping a lot. We take our dogs on the road on the tour bus and we know a lot of folks like to take their dogs when they go on family road trips. So we find it very important and Petco is an incredible place to stay stocked on things to keep your dog safe on the road,” Dan Smyers told Sounds Like Nashville during a recent interview.

Pippa was ready to GO on our road trip.

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Although the guys do admit touring the country comes with the price of missing the ones they love, bringing man’s best friend (aka the four dogs owned collectively between the two of them) lifts them up whenever they’re not slaying on the stage to loud crowds every night.

“To have the dogs on the road is not a replacement, but it definitely helps to have them there to comfort us and have a little piece of home there with us,” Shay Mooney revealed.

Smyers agreed, admitting that his dogs are just two more members to the road family whenever they’re touring and that their spirit keeps everyone trucking along happily.

“The bus is an interesting place for dogs,” said Smyers to SLN. “We always say it’s like a house, a big moving house, because the dogs like the car, they like the house, they love people and the bus is perfect for that. It’s awesome having them out. No matter what the situation is, no matter how stressful it is being away from home might be, no matter how stressful being on the road might become or no matter if you miss a note on stage that night, getting kisses from the dogs after the show is always a morale booster, so we like having them out.”

For all those pet owners looking to keep your animals safe while traveling this summer, you can head over to Petco.com or community.petco.com for more tips, tricks and specialty products.