Danielle Bradbery Went Through ‘Every Emotion’ When Making New Album

Danielle Bradbery wanted to show what she was made of on her sophomore album, so she opened up completely with her songwriting.

Written by Kelly Brickey
Danielle Bradbery Went Through ‘Every Emotion’ When Making New Album
Danielle Bradbery; Photo by Cameron Powell

When it finally came time to write her sophomore record, Danielle Bradbery felt comfortable taking the lead in creating a personal project called I Don’t Believe We’ve Met that represented her growth as an artist.

Rather than backing away from the challenges and critiques coming her way, the country star decided to prove herself by giving up everything throughout her vulnerable lyrics, whether they be filled with happiness or sorrow. Bradbery used her voice and her words to establish herself yet again within the country music industry, and she’s hoping her album mirrors her development over the past few years.

“The making of this new album was a lot and exciting and every emotion you could possibly think of. I got into songwriting and that led to wanting to write about just real stuff and real feelings and situations I was in and I had been in,” she told Sounds Like Nashville during a recent interview.

Although she led with her single, “Sway,” it was another empowering track that Bradbery gravitated toward as her favorite from the recording process because she knew the track was meant for greatness on an inspirational level toward her listeners.

“My top favorite is a song called ‘Worth It.’ It was a song that I went in kinda having just a thought on my mind that I’ve been thinking about for a while of just speaking up for yourself and learning how to say no in the right situations and all of that and everything in between. So we turned it a little bit to make it sound like a relationship, but it can really be about anything,” she revealed.

The album features a total of 10 tracks, with seven of the songs co-written by Bradbery herself. She sent out “Sway” as her first single to radio, which continues to find its way on the chart week after week.

I Don’t Believe We’ve Met is available in stores or digitally now.