Darius Rucker Wants to Hit the Links For Father’s Day

Although Darius Rucker spends a lot of his life on the road, nothing will put a happy halt in his schedule like a little father-son bonding out on the golf course.

The country singer decided to celebrate Father’s Day this year by playing 18 holes alongside his son Jack for an annual tournament back where Rucker lives. While it was his kid’s idea to participate in the event, Rucker made special plans to take a red-eye right after his West Coast concert to get home in time to drive a birdie or two on the special holiday.

“My big plans this year… I’m playing in California on Saturday night, but I’m gonna fly home because my son is into golf now and it’s a father-son golf tournament that my club’s having and he really wants to play, so I’m gonna play that. And then go deal with the family. You know I’m real simple on Father’s Day. If you let me take a little nap and play a little golf, I’m really excited. So that’s gonna be the day,” Rucker said to Sounds Like Nashville and other media.

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Understanding that it’s a true rarity for Rucker to be able to take even a smidgen of time off from touring to see his family, the “Wagon Wheel” singer wouldn’t have it any other way if he can make some space to spend time with the ones he loves back at home.

“Father’s Day is always tough for me because I’m usually on the road, usually playing around Father’s Day and sometimes you don’t even get to see your kids,” he explained. “But that comes with the territory. But this year, we’ll do something special.”

Darius Rucker plans to release a new record sometime later this year, which will include his current No.1, “If I Told You.”