Darius Rucker Combines Love for Music and Golf at No.1 Celebration for ‘If I Told You’

“I didn’t think it was fair that they did that,” said Darius Rucker of missing the writing session between Shane McAnally, Ross Copperman and Jon Nite where they penned the song “If I Told You.”

The song, a self-described “diary” and “too personal” song by each of the songwriters, was celebrated during a party at TopGolf’s new Nashville location. The tune was equally as important to each of the songwriters, who never thought in a million years that someone would record it, let alone release it as a single.

“I think it’s very vulnerable,” said McAnally. “I think it’s a brave song to say those things at the very beginning of the song. ‘What if I told you about the two room shack where I came from, or the man that I got my name from? I don’t even know where he is now.’ It would be hard for just anyone to say that. So I was just excited because we wrote it with Ross [Copperman]. When Ross is gonna produce a track I feel very confident. I know he’s gonna get the best sounds, the best production. Darius sounds amazing on it, it breaks my heart in the best way. So I was just glad to know that somebody was brave enough to cut it and really glad that it was gonna be him doing it.”

“If I Told You” resonated with fans and country radio alike, though it had a slow climb to the top of the charts. A more than 40 week climb, that is. The wait was worth it though, as the song meant more to Rucker than anything he’s recorded before.

“It was a crazy moment because we were looking for songs, sitting around, and that one was played for me and just instantly, I mean instantly. I said to my manager, ‘No one else is cutting this?’ He was like, ‘No, it came to you.’ And I just… I was blown away because the opening line, I thought this is my life,” Rucker shared. “I remember the first time I got to that chorus, I said, ‘Stop it. Let’s cut it right now.’ And it was really a song that I thought was written for me.”

Rucker echoed his sentiments for the track during his speech at the No.1 party, thanking members of his team for helping the song to be heard. After a short break, the South Carolina native took to the stage within the TopGolf concert venue to perform songs from his upcoming album, When Was The Last Time. The singer wrapped up the evening by showing off his golf skills with some time out on the links.