Dierks Bentley Gives Updates on Nashville Whiskey Row Location

Dierks Bentley: singer, songwriter, restauranteur?

The country star decided to branch out into the food and drink scene with the opening of three Whiskey Row locations out in his home state of Arizona. Now, making room for a joint right in the midst of the downtown Nashville chaos, Bentley and his team diligently work toward the bar’s opening every single day. With progress being made within the structure on a daily basis, Bentley strives to make it perfect and rowdy throughout every minor detail.

“We’ve been working on it for like four years. It’s really taken awhile to get the location exactly the way we wanted it to be. It was really unfortunate it wasn’t open for the Stanley Cup playoffs. It was hard for me to know it’s right there and it’s not open. Not even money wise, it’s just CMA Music Fest and hockey, and it’s like, ‘Why is my bar not open?’ We really just try to take our time to get it done right,” Bentley said to Sounds Like Nashville and other media recently.

Despite feeling the rush of wanting to open up and get customers in the door, Bentley doesn’t want to sacrifice the quality or stability of the building either. Renovating a decades-old building into his dream spot, the country singer wants to put on a restaurant that fans can stop by to enjoy themselves for a while rather than just a quick in-and-out joint.

“It’s not just selling beer and getting people in and out,” Bentley explained. “I think why those bars work in other locations, it’s where the Eric Church and Miranda Lambert fans go when those guys aren’t in town. It’s where those younger guys hang out, because they like that younger sound of country. So we have that element incorporated. But obviously, my love for lower Broadway, I wanna get that element included as well. I don’t think has to be a one-stop shop. Just taking our time with it, it’s hopefully gonna be by the end of this year. Also, that building was two buildings put together as one, so it’s trying to keep the integrity of the outside of the building. We build a steel frame on the inside of it, so those bricks aren’t even connected to the frame of the building.”

In the meantime, Dierks Bentley is currently out on the road for his What the Hell Tour throughout the summer.