Dierks Bentley Surprises Family at Meet-and-Greet with Military Homecoming

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A meet-and-greet on its own is already the experience of a lifetime, but Dierks Bentley decided to turn the emotional level up a notch with the planning of a special military homecoming.

During one of his backstage sessions with fans in Fresno, California, the country singer chatted casually with a family of a mom and her two sons. As Bentley tries to keep it coy while having some small talk with the group, the father in uniform comes out from behind the curtain to instant tears. As both sons eagerly hug their Army dad, everyone else in the room couldn’t help from keep themselves in silent shock over the heartwarming moment.

Even Bentley looked like he couldn’t keep his emotions together as he solemnly witnessed the sweet greeting in an honorable way. The crowd in the background then applauded the memory as the family clung together in one huge group hug, wiping away their happy tears.

The surprise didn’t stop there as Bentley invited the military family up to the stage later on during the show with a warm reaction coming from the crowd by chanting the classic “U.S.A.” cheer. The “Black” singer documented the memorable occasion via Instagram, noting this was his first time at assisting with a military homecoming and it seems like it won’t be the last for him.

“Seen many military family reunions on tv… first time to get to participate in one. Life changing. Thanks Staff Srg Steven Mendez and your family. #Fresno,” he captioned the snapshot.

Bentley will be touring across the country this summer and fans can find more details about his tour dates on his website.