Dillon Carmichael Explains the Small Town Inspiration Behind ‘Made to Be a Country Boy’

Dillon Carmichael didn’t have to dig too deep to find the meaning for his latest single, “Made to Be a Country Boy.”

Growing up in a Kentucky town where everyone knows everyone, Carmichael learned the ways of what a small town is all about and used that later on when he decided to pursue music. Although he made his way to Nashville just a state away from where he was born and raised, the country newcomer didn’t lose touch with the place that shaped him and decided to turn that into his next single.

“My roots influenced ‘Made to Be a Country Boy’ because where I grew up, the people you’re around, they’re like family. And we all kinda grew up doing the same things and learning the same lessons. It’s just a life that you can’t really find everywhere,” he explained in the exclusive video clip.

Nevertheless, Carmichael still keeps his dreams big with hoping to play the iconic Grand Ole Opry stage at some point in his career. Once he accomplishes that on his to-do list, it will only be the beginning for Carmichael and his music.

“The Opry is a big thing to me. That’s always been a goal of mine. I think that success is moving forward. I think that achieving your goals is something that is never ending. I’d like to have a number one on the charts, and, of course, sell a million records. I think that the biggest mark of success to me, is just achieving your goals and setting new ones. I don’t think that ever stops,” he said recently.

“Made to Be a Country Boy” is out everywhere now.