Dolly Parton Comes Clean on Her Tattoos

Setting the rumors straight, Dolly Parton dished on her tattoos, revealing that she has a few of them on her body.

Written by Kelly Brickey
Dolly Parton Comes Clean on Her Tattoos
Dolly Parton; Publicity Photo

Dolly Parton remains a woman of many surprises, but fans may be totally shocked to know that the country queen gets tatted up from time to time.

Sitting down for a game of truth or rumor, Parton answered a number of hard-hitting questions about her thrift store addictions and working with Jennifer Aniston on an upcoming project. But what really shocked all was her admittance to her tattoos, in which Parton details she inks up to cover any bruised areas on her pale skin.

“I have a few little tattoos, but usually my tattoos were before they became a fad. I have a tendency to scar easy and I’m so fair-skinned that I stay purple right where I’ve had a scar. So I started having a a little pastel tattoos, pastel butterflies or little things, just to cover scars,” Parton revealed during a video interview.

As someone who not only enjoys a good ink but also loves to help others, Parton also reached out to the One America Appeal for Hurricane Relief organization to donate money for the victims of the horrific storms back in September.

“After the tremendous outpouring of support my hometown received last winter after the wildfires raged through the area, I want to do my part to help other areas affected by natural disasters. I admire and respect this effort led by our Presidents so it is an honor for me to contribute to their work,” Parton said recently.

She even contributed hundreds of thousands of books to schools and children who lost their belongings in the storms, so they can continue their education without having to find resources on their own.

“I know in the immediate aftermath of a disaster books are not the first thing people need or miss,” said Parton. “But I also know from our past experience that after some time has passed, families, schools and libraries are eager to replenish their shelves, and their hearts, with books. First Book asked us to join with them to get the right books in the right hands at the right time and we were pleased to do so.”

Anyone interesting in giving books to Parton’s cause can head to for more details.