Drew Baldridge ‘Pumped’ to Play Shows Down Under

After playing nearly 200 shows in 2016, Drew Baldridge’s 2017 schedule is looking just as busy with the Highway Finds Tour this spring. The first-ever tour put on by Sirius XM’s The Highway will hit 26 cities across the U.S., 20 of which Baldridge will take part in.

“It’s an awesome opportunity. The Highway has been the leader on my music every time. They were the first ones to play ‘Dance With Ya,’ they were the first ones to play ‘Rebound.’ To go out there and be able to be the first, this is their first tour and I get to be on it,” the Illinois native recently shared with Sounds Like Nashville. “The people that are Highway listeners have heard my music from day one. Everybody that comes out to these shows are gonna know my songs and that’s the most exciting thing, to be able to out there and say wow to all the people that are singing back… they’ve been my fans since the day they heard my music.”

While he’ll be there for a majority of the shows, Baldridge will have to miss a few… however, it’s for a reason he’s “pumped” about.

“It’s a bummer, but I’m going to Australia! I’ve never been to Australia and we have three shows over there,” he excitedly shared. “I never would’ve thought that my music… across the other side of the world! When we say across the other side of the world, we mean 16 hours different. It’s tomorrow there! It’s crazy to think that my music is reaching people in Australia.”

While the main voyage is for work, the “Rebound” singer is looking forward to a little downtime while he’s down under.

“We’re going to go over there for a full week. We’re going to take about three or four days, we got a beach house and we’re going to try and see some of Australia, because you know, we might not get to go back. So we’re going to go over there and enjoy it,” said Baldridge. “I want to see Australia, I want to see a kangaroo. It’s gonna be fun!”

Baldridge is en route to Australia for shows on March 25 and 26 during the CMC Rocks Festival. The Highway Finds Tour, featuring Baldridge, Steve Moakler and Smithfield, is underway now.