Dustin Lynch Knew ‘Good Girl’ Had to Be Released for Summer 2018

When Dustin Lynch wrote "Good Girl," he knew it was the perfect single to release to country radio for summer 2018.

Written by Lauren Laffer
Dustin Lynch Knew ‘Good Girl’ Had to Be Released for Summer 2018
Dustin Lynch; Photo by Andrew Wendowski

Dustin Lynch is feeling flirty this summer with the release of his latest hit, “Good Girl.” The song, which tells of his dream girl exceeding his every expectation, is a message the Tennessee native wanted to share throughout the hot summer months.

“The new single, ‘Good Girl,’ is so unexpected, very unconventional way to do things in released music, but it’s a song that came out of nowhere. It just kind of fell in our laps,” explained Lynch of the tune.

When it came time to choose his next single, the singer admits, it was “Good Girl” that kept coming to top of mind and he knew it was just the one to send out across the radio airwaves.

“At the end of February, we wrote ‘Good Girl,’ and it just raised its hand and said, ‘Please record me.”’ And then it raised its hand and said, ‘Please release me.’ For whatever reason it said, ‘I need to be out for Summer 2018,’” he shared. “I had ‘Small Town Boy’ in 2015, and we didn’t release it until 2017. I think there’s a bigger reason why songs come out when they do… Because of the way songs affect people’s lives. I don’t know what this song’s going to do, but I know some people have heard it, and hopefully a lot more people will hear it and become a part of a cool moment in their lives.”

Lynch hopes “Good Girl” becomes a cool moment in his life, too, as it makes its way up the country radio charts. The track follows his fifth No.1 single “Small Town Boy” and recent hit “I’d Be Jealous Too.”