Dustin Lynch Unveils New Sound at ‘Current Mood’ Album Listening Party

Only in country music does an artist reveal their new album with a party at an acclaimed distillery, and that’s precisely what Dustin Lynch and his team did for the official unveiling of his 2017 album, Current Mood, at the George Dickel Distillery. Lynch and crew treated members of the media to a handful of tracks off the upcoming album – along with a glass or two of fine whiskey.

The location was fitting as much as it was exciting; seeing as the country star grew up just minutes from the famous distillery in his native Tullahoma, Tenn., bringing his career full circle as he pulled back the curtain on a special project created from a compilation of growth, friendships and even heartache. “I went about this album in a completely different way than I’ve done the previous two,” he explains. “It was kind of a slow process. I wanted each song to be special to not only me, but also the producer. It’s a collection of songs and a chapter of my life that I’m proud of and excited to share.”

He’s already going into the album’s release with two gold certified singles, “Seein’ Red” and “Small Town Boy.” But the songs Lynch revealed are quite different from his most recent hits, demonstrating that he’s moving in a more contemporary, yet mature direction that is bound to only advance his career.

Dustin Lynch - Current Mood; Courtesy of Broken Bow Records

Dustin Lynch – Current Mood; Courtesy of Broken Bow Records

He kicked off the set-list with the album’s first track, “I’d be Jealous,” which boasts a Sam Hunt vibe with its catchy beat and clever word play when it comes to being jealous of the guy who has his dream girl on his arm. The track sounds different than anything else he’s put out so far, diverging from his traditional country roots, a common theme weaved throughout the compelling project. He followed it up with “Back on It” that continues in the vein of pop with a song that finds the singer hooking up with an ex, comparing their dangerous love to that of a drug. “I ain’t never done cocaine, I swear there’s something running through my veins,” he croons.

“Love Me or Leave Me Alone,” one of the album’s stand out tracks, is a blend of emotion and intoxicating lyrics. Lynch revealed that when he played the demo for Luke Bryan and Little Big Town while on Bryan’s tour bus, LBT’s Karen Fairchild was intent on singing with Lynch on the song, much to his amazement. Her wish was his command, with Lynch happily inviting her to sing on the track that features steamy production over a stirring ballad as he wrestles with a love that continues to haunt him, wanting her to either love him or leave him be. Lynch’s vocals are powerful, while Fairchild’s subtle harmonies make the song that much stronger, making for a dynamic track.

The catchiest song of the evening came in the form of the appropriately titled “Party Song,” which is bound to be a crowd participation number during his live show, as the upbeat rocker is heavy on guitar and had the audience grooving right along to the lively beat. But the steamiest song he played, and perhaps the most of its kind on the album, is that of “Why We Call Each Other,” which Lynch calls a “booty call song” about that 2AM text. Crooning sexy lyrics like “That’s why we call each other, in the middle of the night, we’re so good under covers, that’s why we call each other,” it’s clear that Lynch is embodying an edgier persona on Current Mood, but he’s able to pull it off in an authentic way.

“I always want to have a song that has a good message. Sometimes you’re in a relationship that’s not the best for you and it’s cool to move on and step away from that,” Lynch says before introducing “New Girl.” “This is my message song.” “New Girl” brings the album full circle in a sense, taking him back to his country roots a bit on the production side as he tells a crush she deserves “somebody good enough for you” and could use a new lover.

In addition to the album reveal, the “Cowboys and Angels” singer also announced that he’ll be hitting the road on his first headlining tour in November of 2017, bringing rising stars Michael Ray, LANCO and “You Look Good” songwriter Ryan Hurd out on the road with him. Current Mood will hit shelves September 8.

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