Eight Moments Charles and Cassie Kelley Looked So in Love

Eight years has nothing on Charles Kelley and Cassie Kelley’s long-lasting relationship!

The lovebirds tied the knot a mere eight years ago on July 7 in a simple ceremony with an oceanfront backdrop. Keeping the memory simple just as the two continue to do in their relationship, their love for one another has only grown stronger throughout the many days spent together.

From the birth of their son, Ward, to the dozens of red carpets they’ve strutted gracefully with each other, the Kelley family has only grown stronger as a team together throughout their marriage and plan to spend the rest of their lives doing just that in a beautiful fashion.

Although the typical eighth anniversary gift revolves around bronze or pottery, Sounds Like Nashville decided to get more modern with a photo list of the eight cutest moments shared by the happy couple throughout the past year.

Check out the sweet snapshots of love between Charles and Cassie Kelley to celebrate their eighth year together as a married couple:

  1. Best dressed couple…ever.

My beautiful wife @cassiemkelley and I getting fancy for a fun Nashville event!

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Not only are both Charles and Cassie absolutely stunning on their own, they define what it means to be a power couple when they get glam and take on the hottest events in country music. We’re definitely feeling the fire between them as they prep for painting the town red!

  1. We all need somebody to lean on…

Happy Valentines Day to my sweet bride! ❤️song dedication:Leon Russell “A Song For You”!! @cassiemkelley

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Charles and Cassie never lose sight of their relationship by always sticking by each other’s sides through thick and thin. Leaning on one another as a loving form of support is how they stick together for their many years ahead.

  1. Couple costumes reign supreme.

Alright, Charles and Cassie don’t necessarily match in this couples’ costume photo. But they both put in the extra effort to look their parts as The Jolly Green Giant and Ruth Bader Ginsberg, respectively. Can you say goals?!

  1. Pool days are the best days.

Ward is taking to the pool like a champ @cassiemkelley

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Family time is beyond important for the Kelleys, even if it involves introducing their son to the water for the first time. With all of them experiencing this important bonding moment while poolside, it marks how strong the ties are between this gorgeous couple.

  1. Lazy days make great dates, too!

Before hitting the road with Lady Antebellum through the summer months, Charles and Cassie did a little bit of the PG-version of Netflix and chill. They do make a point to see each other even as Charles takes to the road, but days spent on the couch are days to be savored forever.

  1. Three cheers for the Preds…and love!

GO PREDS! #smashville @predsnhl #standwithus #stanleycupplayoffs #nashville #nhl #hockey

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Hip-hip-hooray to hockey and this happy couple as they sit and catch a game in their home venue of Smashville. Not only do they like to cheer for their hometown team, they also play the parts of cheerleaders toward each other’s goals and dreams.

  1. It’s all about the look.

It’s everyone’s dream to have someone look at you as if there’s no one else around. These two seem to be pretty content as they gaze into each other’s eyes on a pretty sunny day. Sometimes, the look of love is all it takes.

  1. Three is most definitely not a crowd.

December means we have the beach to ourselves ✌️️❤️ #30a #Womanista

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The birth of their son, Ward, brought a whole new dimension to Charles and Cassie’s relationship, and only pulled them closer together. As a family unit, the Kelleys are unstoppable and they do anything for the ultimate play date with everyone joining along on the fun.