EP Review: Chris Janson’s ‘Fix A Drink’

Two years ago, Chris Janson deservedly became the toast of the town with his breakthrough hit “Buy Me A Boat.” The song propelled the Missouri-bred entertainer to the top of many “Ones To Watch” list. The song also provided a boom to his burgeoning live show career, forcing the singer – happily – to add countless dates to his schedule over the past twenty-four months.

Now, the singer looks to up his game. He has been invited to open up for one of the top tours of the year along with Sam Hunt and Maren Morris. With that distinction, he returns to the recorded music world with a new EP – part one of a brand new album. Mostly, the new music shows that he continues to plow ahead on the right track.

The lead single and title cut will no doubt become a hit on the scale of ‘Boat.’ It has a melody that will no doubt be sang along with each time it plays on Country Radio this summer. Janson infuses the song with his infectious personality, and the results should very well be huge. He continues to show that upbeat side on “Somebody,” with lyrics that his growing legion of fans will no doubt identify with.

As the EP continues, you definitely get the feeling that Janson is on to a “Chris Janson Sound.” The closing tracks “Little Bit Of Both” and “Redneck Life” both give him a chance to shine, and he takes full advantage. “Redneck Life” is as close as the singer has come thus far to capturing the feel of a live performance, with a dynamic vibe from start to finish. Give him a couple of Mountain Dews – his preferred beverage – and a harmonica, and turn him loose on this one!

The only song that doesn’t seem to fit with the rest is “Name On It.” And, I’m not saying that the song doesn’t work necessarily, as Janson’s name is listed as one of the writers on the tune – so it’s definitely one that has his personal imprint. But, from a production standpoint, there’s nothing that really sets it apart and makes it sound like a Chris Janson song. Again, it’s not bad, and the melody is quite catchy. But, I just hope that Janson continues to set himself apart from the pack and plow on his own musical path. He’s too good not to. In any case, Janson is fully locked and loaded with a new group of songs that should continue to drive his career to the next level!