Eric Church Feeds Off Crowd on Holdin’ My Own Tour

When Eric Church decided to take on the daunting task of going solo for his massive 2017 headlining tour, even he knew the experience would be one to live up to with high expectations.

The country star went out on his bold endeavor on the Holdin’ My Own Tour by playing two separate sets, sometimes for four hours a night. Like that of his hero, Bruce Springsteen, Church manages to keep the crowd kicking and waiting for more as the brief intermission sets in. Feeding off of the audience’s energy night after night is what keeps Church feeling the music despite his lengthy setlist.

“There are those nights, I mean, when I really do rely on the fans ‘cause there are those nights when you walk out for that first song and you see a setlist that’s got 38 or 39 on ‘em, I mean, you’re in for a night. You kind of get into the show and you start feeling the crowd and you start playing off of them, and then it just starts to kind of take over and you really, it becomes its own living, breathing thing,” he explained recently.

In the past, Church has relied on opening acts as many artists do when they hit the road. Being his own opening and headlining entity requires more hard work and dedication from the singer than ever before, but that’s where he is thankful for his fans’ loyalty and desire to give him their full attention as he commands the stage during his hours-long sets.

“I don’t know that I’ve ever experienced that before, you know, where the show kind of becomes something that it’s alive,” said Church. “I’m just a part of it, just like they are. I’m not really directing it. I’m not really steering it. It’s just doing its thing, and it’s been something. That’s the best way for me to say it – it’s been something. I’m fortunate that we’re able, in our career, able to have that, because it’s not something I would’ve ever even dreamed of.”

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