Eric Paslay is ‘Looking Forward’ to Opening for Tim McGraw and Faith Hill

Not everyone gets to join along with Tim McGraw and Faith Hill for their Soul2Soul Tour, but Eric Paslay won the lottery by getting hand-selected to open up for the famous country couple on their current live show run.

As a respected artist and songwriter in Nashville for the past handful of years, Paslay has gotten to know both Hill and McGraw on a personal level. Looking up to both of their iconic careers, the “Angels In This Town” singer hopes to emulate the amount of success they’ve had in both their professional and personal lives.

“It’ll be really cool. I love the music they make. They’re incredibly talented people,” Paslay shared with Sounds Like Nashville during a recent phone interview. “They’re still making amazing music. It’s a lot to be said—Tim and Faith always pick great songs. I got to talking to Tim a little bit about that. I told them thanks for always entertaining people. It’s about entertaining every one of your fans, not just one type, and just include everybody. I think he’s done a really good job of that over his career, choosing songs and albums. Same with Faith. I’m really looking forward to it, hanging out with them for a weekend.”

Paslay may be ready for the performance aspect of joining the Soul2Soul Tour, but he does find himself hesitant to keep up with the pair when it comes to fitness. Noticing how in shape McGraw tends to be, Paslay hopes to get McGraw out of the gym and into an innovative type of workout that combined manual labor with the thrill of building farm features.

“I’ll have to start working out a whole lot, though,” Paslay joked. “I’ve been working on a house, so a lot of lumber has been lifted. A lot of nails driven. But I’ll be like, ‘Hey Tim, don’t do your workout with ropes today. Can you come help raise the barn with me?’ That’d be great. Let’s carry some railroad ties over here and tear up the land here. Let’s drag a box blade up and down the dirt road.’ It’s not CrossFit, it’s FarmFit. Let’s work on farms. Come down to my farm, and people just carry big boulders and railroad ties everywhere. We don’t need a tractor to plow. We just all hook it up to the back of us and start running. That’s a leg workout.”

In preparation for his weekend run with McGraw and Hill, Paslay plans to prep some of his unheard tunes from his latest EP, The Work Tapes, for fans to hear live.

Paslay will be out on the road with McGraw and Hill for their Soul2Soul Tour on their dates from September 14-16. Fans can find out when Paslay’s other live shows throughout the year are scheduled on his website.