Exclusive: The Guys of Old Dominion Reveal Their Favorite Comfort Foods

Spending plenty of time out on the road traveling from show to show, Old Dominion finds comfort in the foods they eat.

Indulging isn’t a problem for the country band as they always squeeze in their favorite foods despite their busy schedules. Making them feel at home with their go-to snacks allows them to escape from all the stresses of work, and lets them ease the senses with their favorite flavors.

Lead singer Matthew Ramsey admits he’s addicted to coffee, despite his fellow members jokingly picking on him for choosing a drink rather than a comfort food. But guitarist Geoff Sprung said the one food everyone was thinking: pizza.

“Oh man, I’ll just go pizza. I’ll do it. A pizza, a whole pizza. I eat a whole pizza. One whole pizza is what makes me comfortable,” Sprung sarcastically said in the exclusive video.

Some more of their quirky choices included a toasted bagel with a cream cheese spread, mini Reese’s Cups and Cheez-Its with peanut butter. Although they may not all be the mainstream guilty pleasures, Old Dominion definitely knows what’s up when it comes to their foods of choice.

Check out what else the guys of Old Dominion have to say about their comfort foods and be sure to pick up their new album, Happy Endings, which can be found in stores or online.

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