Fiona Culley Reveals Truths and Secrets in ’20 Questions’

The truth came out when Fiona Culley decided to take on the ’20 Questions’ challenge in a video exclusive for Sounds Like Nashville.

The rising country star opened up about all of her random hidden facts in a quickfire round of the game, in which she exposed a few secrets and a couple of her own personal opinions throughout the session. Starting off by giving a fellow country singer-songwriter some love, Culley admitted she’s becoming a fan of Kassi Ashton after hearing a song of hers at a show and not being able to get it out of her head.

“A song I actually heard another girl artist play at the Next Women of Country event and it was called ‘Taxidermy.’ It was about, like, chopping up a man that was bad to her. I don’t know why, but I cannot get it out of my head,” Culley revealed.

The British singer also described her love for Denver, Colorado, and how she prefers leg day over arm day in her workouts so she can indulge on tons of food after her workout finishes.

Sadly enough though, Culley spilled that her first pet didn’t stay with her long as the little guy escaped from her control and passed away due to unfortunate and rather random circumstances.

“Willie, I call it Willie. It was a hamster. But it escaped and it went under the dishwasher and died,” she explained to the pet’s dismay.

Before answering a few more silly questions, Culley let her fans know that her sister will continually be her spirit animal due to the strength she witnessed during the birth of her niece and that Christmas is the best time of the year because she gets to spend some quality time in her home country.

Get to know more about the singer in the video above and be sure to stream Culley’s latest single, “Act Like a Lady,” on Spotify now.

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