Five Things We Learned From Jason Aldean and Brittany Layne’s YouTube Q + A

Although Jason Aldean may be a famous country singer, he and his wife, Brittany Layne, are just like any other ordinary couple. They laugh together, they fight together and they most certainly love one another.

The pair got together for the sake of a personal Q & A video session for Layne’s YouTube channel, and got down to the nitty-gritty on some serious stuff. From starting a family to reminiscing on old hilarious moments, the two revealed some rather unknown information to fans that brought Aldean closer to his dedicated fan base.

Throughout the video questionnaire, even Sounds Like Nashville learned some brand new facts never before heard by the “Any Ol’ Barstool” singer and his lovely lady. Here are five facts we discovered while watching Aldean and Layne’s YouTube Q & A:

  1. They’re trying to have kids

While Aldean is dad to two beautiful daughters, he and Layne have yet to bring a bundle of joy into the world together. But it’s not like they aren’t trying—Aldean claimed in the video with a smirk that they “are working on it.”

  1. A reality show could be in the works, emphasis on the ‘could’

Although their spontaneous carpool karaoke videos showed off the couple’s hilarious spirit behind the scenes, Aldean isn’t too pumped up to film his private life at home. “My thing is, we’re on the road so much and life’s crazy out there. So when we get home, that’s a little bit of a safe haven for me. So the last thing I think I want is to have cameras shoved in my face as soon as I get home,” admitted Aldean.

  1. Life on the road isn’t glamorous, but it’s still a party

Layne told viewers that it’s physically tolling to be on the bus for weeks on end, and Aldean agreed with the idea that what fans think is so cool about the road is a heightened dream of what they actually get to see and do as they travel. “We do get to do some cool stuff, but the part that people don’t see is the being on the bus for days at a time and all the traveling,” Aldean said.

  1. Jason admits he’s a little bit more on the clumsy side

“So we were hanging out at her house and she had a friend in town. I pushed her friend in the pool and went to run inside the house, and ran face first into a glass door and knocked the whole glass out of a sliding glass door. It was a big door,” Aldean told fans of his most embarrassing moment between the two.

  1. Like every other couple, they have their arguments and disagreements

“One thing I wish I could change about him, it would be he hunts because I feel like that’s horrible,” Layne revealed. Of course, Aldean bit back with the witty reply that the one thing he wants her to change is the fact that she will never hunt.

Check out the hilarious clip above for more with the couple.

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