Five Times We Wished Martina McBride Was Cooking For Us

Martina McBride: country singer by night and masterchef by day.

Over the past few months, McBride has been sharing her food journey along with fans via her Instagram feed. From introducing clean eating into her diet to indulging in a sweet treat here and there, the country queen follows that of the millennial craze of documenting one’s plate before chowing down. With the sharing of meals comes the jealousy of many fans and followers.

Although she may be more known for her hits on the radio, McBride is a hitmaker in the kitchen as well with all of her delectable dishes served day after day to her family and friends.

We’re hoping our invitation for dinner just got lost in the mail (if it did, we’ll just have to whip up a few recipes from her cookbook), but in the meantime, here are five times we wish we could join McBride and her guests for a homemade feast:

  1. When ‘Build Your Own Pizza’ Night looked as gourmet as a five-star restaurant

Pizza is the ultimate Italian comfort food. Even when it’s bad, it’s still better than pretty much anything else. McBride combined the best of DIY with food to create her ‘Build Your Own Pizza’ night. With gourmet ingredients like goat cheese, basil, jalapenos and more, those pies were bound to be bellisima!

  1. When McBride’s healthy ‘crack’ meal convinced us that healthy food is more fun

Buddha bowls seems to be all the rage nowadays, so McBride got in on the foodie trend by throwing together a savory mix of Brussel sprouts, sweet potatoes, pecans, goat cheese and many other tasty ingredients for a gorgeous array of health. Dubbing the dish to the addictiveness of a drug, we bet she got a major high off eating every last bite.

  1. When her idea of eating clean looked like a rainbow of flavorful tastes

Got a pan? Got some veggies? Well, you’re in luck because just as McBride did with her favorite munchies, you can emulate the one-pan meal by baking up a few of the favorites. McBride got one of her five-a-day with some carrots, asparagus, potatoes and tomatoes. Yum!

  1. One word: cookies.

No meal is truly complete without dessert. Not only is McBride great at making hearty meals, she also knows her way around a baking recipe. With sweets like chocolate, cranberry and oatmeal, these crispy pastries look like the ultimate end to a delicious dinner.

  1. When brunch became nutritious and delicious

When in doubt, go to brunch. Or if you don’t want to leave the house after a big workout like McBride, just scramble those eggs and mash up that avocado for a colorful plate to wake you up. And always remember: but first, coffee.

For more of McBride’s tasty treats, be sure to follow her ‘Around the Table’ Instagram account.