Florida Georgia Line Can’t Wait to Join the Vegas Residency Trend

Come December, Florida Georgia Line and their families will call Las Vegas home for a bit as they anchor down and start their first-ever mini-residency in the bright city.

Although Sin City seems to be a hotspot for visitors around the world, the guys never thought to take their time when they visited on tours and for awards shows. Now that they will temporarily move to the crazy town, the duo wants to see what Vegas has to offer outside the famous Strip.

“We’ve never spent more than about three days in Vegas. We really haven’t wanted to so I think we’re kind of excited to actually go and spend two weeks, kind of spend some time off the strip a little bit, kind of see what else Nevada has to offer. I think we’re doing five or six shows spread out over the two weeks, so it won’t be a crazy, strenuous schedule,” Tyler Hubbard said to Sounds Like Nashville and other media recently.

Joining the ranks with some of the biggest legends from the entertainment industry, FGL will follow suit by adding a country element to the buzzing city. They think of the work endeavor as an honor, and look upon it as a highlight of their career.

“You also think about all of the Vegas entertaining history. Wayne Newton and Elvis and I mean, everybody, so it’s cool to kind of be the first young guys to go out there and try it out,” Brian Kelley said.

While the first quick run of shows give them only a taste of a true residency, Florida Georgia Line also views the experience as a testing period to see if they would want to turn the performance into a regular part of their schedule.

“We can just enjoy the time with our family, enjoy Vegas, and see what it’s like and I do think if it goes over well, down the road at some point, we can definitely turn that into something a little bit bigger. But this was a great year to do that, being off the road, not doing a big tour, kinda creating a little bit more with the band and now the fans know if they want to come see us, they can come to Vegas in December, so it’s cool,” Hubbard added.

Florida Georgia Line will host their residency in Las Vegas on certain dates from December 1-11, 2018. Fans can check their official website for more details.