Frankie Ballard Sticks to the Movie Section on Netflix

Although Frankie Ballard is a busy man balancing life on the road as well as spending time in the studio, he does get away every once in a while to just Netflix and chill.

Well, maybe not Netflix and chill like the slang term, but actually hang out to binge-watch the selection listed throughout the entertainment app. Ballard, though, dedicates himself to one film at a time rather than the lengthy commitment of a series because his love of the movie industry holds a lot more weight than that of television in his eyes.

“I’m a movie freak. I love cinema. So I watch a lot of movies a lot of different kinds…old school, new school. I’m trying to think of some of the new one’s I’ve seen… I saw La La Land. I thought La La Land was cool. I thought it was really cool.  I like a lot of documentaries too. I like trying to learn something while I’m watching TV. The one I’ve heard about and need to get into is Narcos. I just don’t have a lot of time for the series,” Ballard told Sounds Like Nashville recently.

Ballard may have a little bit more time as he travels across the country playing festivals, fairs, and clubs throughout the summer. Fans who want to check out Ballard’s live show can head to his website now for tour dates and ticket information.