Garth Brooks Congratulates Newly Engaged Couple—And Offers to Pay for Their Honeymoon

As traditions go, it’s usually the bride’s family that takes care of the financial aspects of a wedding. But Garth Brooks decided to step in and give the gift of a lifetime to a newly engaged couple.

During a show in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Brooks interrupted his energetic set to congratulate the two lovebirds and inquired about their upcoming nuptials. After they admitted they don’t have set plans in stone just yet, they definitely wanted to go on a honeymoon immediately following the big day.

That’s when Brooks proposed a present for the couple: he’d pay for their romantic getaway in full if they chose Hawaii as their spot.

Immediately, they made huge gestures of approval over the suggestion as the crowd roared with happiness throughout the venue. Brooks quickly joked if anyone else in the audience had just recently popped the question as a nod to the unique moment from the show before returning on to his concert.

This isn’t the first time that the country star has presented fans with such kindness as he’s been known to reach out to his biggest supporters in times of need. He once sent a special gift box to a fan who was injured en route to one of his shows, and played a plethora of free concerts for his fans to enjoy if they couldn’t originally afford tickets.

Brooks has shows booked here and there throughout both the summer and fall seasons. More information about the tour can be found on his website.

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