Garth Brooks Speaks Out About Lip-Syncing Controversy on ‘Ellen’

Garth Brooks cleared his name surrounding the CMAs lip-syncing criticism by giving his full efforts to the fans rather than award shows.

Written by Kelly Brickey
Garth Brooks Speaks Out About Lip-Syncing Controversy on ‘Ellen’

Even though Garth Brooks took home the coveted Entertainer of the Year title at the CMAs recently, he faced a lot of backlash for his decision to lip-sync his way through his award show performance.

Taking his case to The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Monday (Nov. 20), Brooks discussed with host Ellen DeGeneres about making the decision for the sake of his devoted fanbase rather than to please the general majority.

“We did 12 shows in 10 days, and right in the middle of those 12 shows was CMAs. So we went in and did a track for it, just in case the voice was gone. Made a gamebound decision and played it because we still had seven shows starting the next night in Spokane. The truth is, I love award shows. I think they’re sweet. But for me, they’re like the tree is to Christmas—they’re the symbol of it, but they’re not what it’s all about. What it’s about is those people that put their butts in the seat, travel, fight that traffic, pay that parking and go. That’s who you want to save your voice for. So we made that decision,” Brooks explained.

Of course, no chat with Brooks goes unfinished without his gushing over his wife, Trisha Yearwood, in which he admitted that she is the best travel partner he could find to go on the road with.

“She’s better than cable television, man. She’s fantastic. She’s entertaining, she’s hilarious, well you know, fall in love with her instantly and then just every day with her is a dream. It’s the first time in my life where forever just isn’t enough. It’s good, really good. She’s a sharp girl,” he said with the audience sighing over how appreciative Brooks is of Yearwood at all times.

DeGeneres even tried to spook the “Ask Me How I Know” singer after reminiscing on his prior scare to one of her producers, but nothing even phased Brooks when the surprise person jumped out of the side table box.

Brooks is about to wrap up the last leg of his American tour for this year, with his final handful of concert dates hosted in Nashville. Fans can find tickets through Brooks’ official website for the shows now.