Teen With Hearing Loss Meets George Strait Before Going Deaf

When Chase Pair was a little boy, he and his parents found out that he was born with a birth defect that would result in him losing his hearing sometime during his youth. Since his hearing loss has gotten dramatically worse in the last five years, his mom Julie set out to create a memory that would last a lifetime for her 15-year-old son.

In January 2017, Julie did what she calls a “shot in the dark” and wrote a letter to George Strait and his team, explaining her son’s situation and sharing how much it would mean for him to hear his favorite singer live before his hearing had completely gone away.

After getting word of her letter, the T-Mobile Arena and Southwest Airlines got in touch with the family and worked together to pull of the trip of a lifetime.

On Thursday (April 6), Chase and Julie boarded a Southwest plane and flew from Little Rock, AR to Las Vegas, NV to hear Strait perform 30 of his No.1 songs on Friday night and another 30 No.1’s on Saturday night shows, with a special meet & greet on Saturday.

“When we got up there, I shook his hand and he we got an autograph and took pictures,” Chase told KATV.

“I just told him a little bit about Chase’s hearing loss and what was going on with him,” added Julie. “To them, it’s another–it’s another fan, but to him it means a lot, so I want him to get his experience.”

Meeting his favorite singer was only part of the special occasion as Chase got a special send off from the Bill and Hillary Clinton National Airport in Little Rock.

“The best part about it was the people waving and taking pictures,” said Chase, who was also given a tour of the cockpit with the pilot.

He also earned a hero’s welcome when he arrived in Las Vegas’ McCarran International Airport with people cheering and taking his photo.

“He got his wish and we’re beyond grateful for that,” said Julie with a smile.

George Strait has three more weekends of Strait To Vegas shows scheduled at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, with the next run of shows set for July 28-29. Fans can find more details about the concerts HERE.