Jamey Johnson, Brad Paisley and More to Be Featured on New Johnny Cash Album

Johnny Cash lives forever in the heart of many music lovers, so a few of the names in the industry are honoring the country music icon by appearing on a new innovative project inspired by Cash.

Titled Johnny Cash Forever Words: The Music, Cash’s son John Carter Cash decided to continue his father’s legacy by compiling a grouping of Cash’s poems over the years and styling them up to the sound of music. Although the country legend was known for his quirky and artistic songwriting abilities, his poems have not yet been released in such a way and John Carter spurred the idea off of Brad Paisley’s approach to “Gold All Over The Ground.”

John Carter enlisted artists like Paisley, Jamey Johnson, Kacey Musgraves, Jewel, Ruston Kelly and the late Chris Cornell to contribute to the project. As a close-knit keepsake to his father, John Carter held on to all of the writing Cash did in his free time and now it’ll come to life just as the country musician would have wanted.

Not only will the album mean a lot to fans of Cash, but also to listeners of Cornell’s catalogue as it’ll mark the first time since his death that new music of his will be released outside of the studio.

Johnny Cash Forever Words: The Music has yet to announce a release date at this time.