Jana Kramer Opens Up Her Home for Acoustic Version of ‘Dammit’

When Jana Kramer released her song, “Dammit,” she knew the relatability of it would connect with her listeners. Making it even easier to understand the message behind the nostalgic love song, the singer opened herself even more by performing an acoustic version of the single in a living room setting.

Sat between two guitarists, Kramer channels the emotion of “Dammit” deeply while still keeping her composure throughout the stripped-down rendition. Smiling at happy memories stringing along in the lyrics, it seems like the singer finds her passion in recalling a love lost in the midst of high school dreams.

Jana Kramer

Jana Kramer; Photo Credit: Courtesy of Sophie Dog Records

Kramer decided to go with “Dammit” as her current single because the authenticity behind the feelings of the track resonated with her personal journey in love. She wanted to romanticize the idea of remembering a broken relationship in a positive light, rather than dwell in the sadness that typically comes with heartbreak.

“’Dammit’ is authentically me and as true as a song comes for me. It’s all about surrendering…that it didn’t last, but not being bitter and instead just sitting in it and saying dammit, it really could have been so great. We have all been there before,” Kramer said to Sounds Like Nashville about the song.

Fans of Kramer can listen to “Dammit” now.

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