Jason Aldean Teases New Music From the Studio

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From the stage to the studio, Jason Aldean is ready to release some brand new music to fans in the very near future.

After spending a good amount of the year touring amphitheaters and arenas across the country, Aldean is getting comfortable in the studio once again to bring out his eighth studio album. He got fans all amped up as he took to his Instagram to tease a behind-the-scenes look at his life in the studio in hopes of catching some never-before-heard songs play in the background.

“Alright, in the studio filming the new batch of songs for the new album coming out,” Aldean hinted at in the black-and-white clip.

Aldean may be a veteran when it comes to making music, but he wanted to change up his sound a little bit for this next round on the horizon. He always looks for that next step in his career to further his progression as an artist, and he believes the forthcoming record will mix together some of the deeper and darker sounds from previous releases.

“To me, music is a different beast. When I go into record an album, I’m extremely picky about songs. My producer will tell you I’m extremely picky. There’s a certain vibe of things that I really like. When it comes to songs, I hear a really sappy song, I don’t know—It just doesn’t do it for me. I did hear Lee Brice’s song the other day, ‘Boy,’ which is killer. I was like, ‘Now I might want to cut that thing, because that’s pretty cool.’ There’s nothing really like that on the album. On this new album, there’s some really cool stuff. Some of it is really country. It’s kind of a combination of albums we’ve done over the years, where it kind of pulls from a lot of different sounds we’ve used over the years. It’s really cool. There’s a lot of songs on this record that are minor chords that give it that dark, sort of mysterious sound. I love that stuff,” Aldean told Sounds Like Nashville and other media at a recent event.

Before he fully moves on from They Don’t Know, Aldean will continue to push for the title track as his fifth single off the project throughout country radio. Fans can hear the song, and many of his other hits, live on the They Don’t Know Tour spanning throughout the late summer and fall time.

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