Jason Aldean and Wife Have List of Baby Names ‘Under Consideration’

Jason Aldean and his wife, Brittany, are getting everything prepared before their little boy enters the world—and that includes picking a name out.

For the past couple months, the two have been debating about what to call their precious newborn when they welcome him into the world. Keeping the specific details rather mum, Aldean did admit to the fact that he and Brittany continue to add names to the list whenever they think of something new they love.

“We’ve got a few names under consideration, but we haven’t told anybody what they are yet, and my wife is sitting right there – she’d probably hit me with a rock if I said it right now. You know it’s funny, we found out picking a name for our son has been tougher than we thought. Names that I liked, she didn’t like and names that she liked, I didn’t like,” Aldean said in an interview with Field & Stream Sporting Goods.

While Aldean may already be a father to his two daughters, Kendyl and Keeley, he’s excited to make some new father-son traditions with his boy coming along. Just as he spent much of his time in the great outdoors with his dad hunting in his home state of Georgia, the country singer wants to take his future son exploring outside whenever he finds some down time.

One thing Aldean will be doing for sure with his family, though, is taking them on the road no matter how much they grow in size. He plans on having his wife and baby boy tag along for the road adventures next year when he heads back to the tour life after adjusting to fatherhood with his son.

The couple announced they were expecting in the early days of May, and celebrated their gender reveal a few weeks after. At this time, the pair have kept their official due date under the radar.

Currently, Aldean goes back and forth between the They Don’t Know Tour and preparing for his first child with Brittany back at their home. Fans can hear Aldean’s current single, “They Don’t Know,” on radio now.

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