Jennifer Nettles Shares Her Secrets on Winding Down

Everybody has their own way to settle down after a long day at work. Whether it be binging on Netflix or indulging on an after-dinner treat, it’s the little things that can calm someone down from all the madness.

For Jennifer Nettles though, it’s the pop of a cork that brings her to a state of relaxation after dealing with her busy schedule.

“Well these days I find a liquid center in the form of wine seems to really, really help. I don’t get a lot of time right now,” she said recently.

Not only does Nettles look for stress relief in a glass of red, but she also takes time out of her day to wind down with some yoga or any form of exercise to get those endorphins flowing.

“I am working hard and happy to have work and happy to be doing what I’m doing and expanding and experiencing all of these beautiful opportunities as an artist,” she explained recently. “So, unwind, what is this unwind that you speak? I love reading, that is something that I do a lot. And I love dancing, I still love my yoga though I don’t get as much time to do it, and I love walking, too. I love just being outside and moving my body, so all of those things help.”

At the moment, Nettles is finding time for herself while spending her days on the road. The rest of her dates on her tour for 2016 can be found on her website.