Jessie James Decker Catches Her Son Opening Christmas Presents Early

The Christmas anticipation got the best of Jessie James Decker’s youngest child as she caught her son in the act while he opened his holiday gifts just a couple weeks too early.

While he won’t land on the naughty list for the silly mistake, Decker laughed off the troublemaking and actually thought the sneaky move looked adorable. Nevertheless, the country singer documented the aftermath in which her little boy seemed to beg for forgiveness with that adorable puppy dog look.

“Caught Bubby for the 5th time trying to open presents after he already snuck and opened one already. He teared up and gave me the lip 😂,” she said of the mischievous act.

One time is never enough, though, as Bubby went back for another round to check out which toys and surprises he was scoring on the gift-giving day. But Decker found him out yet again and didn’t cut him any slack by photographing the antics for her fans on social media to laugh along with the joke.

“Caught! This was literally 20 minutes after I posted that lip pic 😂😂😂,” Decker revealed yet again in another Instagram post.

Thankfully, Decker’s cute Bub only has to wait less than three weeks to rip up all the wrapping and discover what Santa brought for him this year after being a good young boy and landing on the Nice List.

Decker and her husband, Eric Decker, are expecting their third child together and announced the exciting news to fans back in early October. They will be adding a boy to their family, following the birth of Vivianne in the spring of 2014 and Eric ‘Bubby’ Decker II in the fall of 2015.