Jimmy Fallon, Ethan Hawke Channel The Highwaymen for ‘On the Road Again’

Johnny Cash, is that you? No, it’s just Jimmy Fallon going undercover as the country icon alongside Ethan Hawke as Willie Nelson. The talk show host and actor teamed up with Charlie Sexton and Ben Dickey to perform as the acclaimed band The Highwaymen.

With Sexton as Kris Kristofferson and Dickey as Waylon Jennings, the four took on an updated version of “On The Road Again,” turning it into an argument as to whether or not they should actually hit the road again.

“But hold on a sec/ If we stay here we can get trashed and play Fortnite,” sings Fallon, as Hawke questions what Fornite is.

Ben Dickey, Ethan Hawke, Jimmy Fallon, Charlie Sexton willie nelson

THE TONIGHT SHOW STARRING JIMMY FALLON — Episode 0917 — Pictured: (l-r) Ben Dickey, Ethan Hawke, Jimmy Fallon, Charlie Sexton as The Highwaymen sing “On The Road Again” on September 4, 2018 — (Photo by: Andrew Lipovsky/NBC)

“Fortnite is an online, multi-player game where a flyin’ bus drops you off onto an island,” Fallon described in an a capella breakdown. “On that island, you face off against 99 other players, each of whom spends time collectin’ weapons and materials with which to fight other players and build, well, forts. The last man alive is the winner. It’s sorta like Hunger Games meets Minecraft. It’s, like, it’s super fun.”

Hawke visited The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon to promote his new movie, Blaze. The film follows the story of a forgotten country singer/songwriter Blaze Foley (“If I Could Only Fly,” “Clay Pigeons”), played by Ben Dickey. Foley died in 1989 at the age of 39 from a gunshot.

In addition to promoting his new film, the actor/director told Fallon about how he and his dad had previously met Nelson, who tried to offer the pair a joint. Hawke’s dad turned down the offer, but the wry singer remembered the incident a few years later when he crossed paths with Hawke, offered him another and said “Say hi to you dad.”

Check out the group’s performance below.