Johnny Cash’s Childhood Home Added to the National Historic Register

Johnny Cash’s legendary list of accomplishments continues to grow even long after his passing with his boyhood home making the list of the National Historic Register.

Set in rural Arkansas, the home finally received recognition by the Arkansas Historic Preservation Program and will be called “Farm No. 266, Johnny Cash Boyhood Home.” It was the place of residence for Cash growing up from the age of three throughout his high school years.

Johnny Cash

Johnny Cash; Photo courtesy of the Arkansas Historic Preservation Program

“Recognition by the National Park Service through this listing is a tremendous honor that requires exhaustive research and documentation,” said Dr. Ruth Hawkins, executive director of Arkansas State’s Heritage Sites program. “We are grateful for the additional opportunity to make people aware of the significant impact that growing up in Dyess, Arkansas, had on Johnny Cash and his music.”

The property can be found in Dyess, Arkansas, which lies close to the Tennessee border and around 170 miles to Little Rock, Arkansas. It hosted five bedrooms, and was built back in 1934.

Cash moved to Nashville from Arkansas years later on in his life to raise a family with his wife, June Carter Cash.

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