Listen to Jon Pardi’s Grooving New Single, ‘Heartache on the Dance Floor’

Slip on those roughed-up cowboy boots and slide on over for some line-dancing to Jon Pardi’s new single to country radio, “Heartache on the Dance Floor.”

Sticking with Pardi’s old-school approach to modern country music, fiddles and an easy-to-follow beat creates a callback notion within his new groove that’ll surely be a song of the summer. The country singer coos over the fast-moving jive about a mystery girl he can’t help but think about after seeing her swing the night away in an old bar.

Lyrics like, “So, I just hung around this little west coast town / I drop by every night, I stay ‘til closin’ time / My little mystery, that girl’s killin’ me / So, I put on a song, just to sing along,” make it clear that Pardi plans to continue his quest for love through his traditional country ways.

“Heartache on the Dance Floor” follows up smash hits like “Head Over Boots” and “Dirt on my Boots” off of Pardi’s record, California Sunrise. Looking to take this lighthearted track to the top of the charts like that of the others, Pardi is ready for his listeners to start up their own good times every minute this jam is cranking through their radio speakers.

Pardi will promote his brand new single while continuing his time on the road with Dierks Bentley this summer. The country singer will also open up for Tim McGraw and Faith Hill for a couple nights on their Soul2Soul Tour. Fans can find more information and details about his touring schedule on his website.

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